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On-farm nutrient management has a key role in farm and industry sustainability and in ensuring minimal off-site impacts occur.

Ameliorants are important to maintain productivity by addressing soil limitations. Mill  products (mud/ash) can supply significant amounts of nutrients and trace elements, organic carbon and phosphorus for up to two crop cycles thus reducing fertiliser inputs. Mill ash can also be useful in assisting the reduction of soil sodicity impacts. The full value of mill mud is explained via the link below.

2020-04-20 (1).png

Lime is necessary for reducing problems associated with acid soils and improving soil physical conditions. 

Other Resources

  • Soil-Specific Nutrient Management Guidelines for Sugarcane Production in the Mackay District

  • Fertiliser Calculator - an EXCEL spreadsheet that can be downloaded to check different products and rates. Includes estimates of nutrients from mill by-products/legume crops and help reduce your fertiliser bill.

  • SRA Cog Calibrator tool

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