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Movement of Machinery Regulations

The regulation around the movement of sugarcane machinery has changed with the implementation of the Biosecurity Act 2014 and Biosecurity Regulation 2016.

In order to move machinery across sugarcane biosecurity zones, the machinery will require a plant health assurance certificate (PHAC). This states that the machinery was free of visible plant material and soil, when inspected and will accompany the appliance during transport. These certificates are available through the local productivity service (MAPS) or Biosecurity Queensland.

Movement within sugarcane biosecurity zones does not require a PHAC, but will require the General Biosecurity Obligation (GBO) to be managed. The GBO requires all Queenslanders to take all reasonable steps to prevent or minimise biosecurity risks.

Contact our office or your Productivity Officer to organise a machinery inspection. 

Please ensure that the machine is presented so the inspector can physically inspect all major parts of the machine in an easy and safe manner. 

Refer to the links below regarding your responsibilities and the checklists which identify the main areas requiring attention. Machinery inspections are FREE unless the inspector must return a third time to inspect the machinery due to insufficient cleaning. A $300 fee will apply if the machine is still dirty at the 3rd inspection. 

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